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BeBop Family Relationship Analysis

I find the familial relationships between the members of the BeBop interesting. Was wondering if anyone had any input.
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I suppose they all sound like orphan siblings nagging and loving eachother.

The Older brother - protective and wiser;

The older sister - wild and misterious;

The middle child - the leader who gets everyone in trouble;

The younger sister(?) - a little andro-genius; And her(?) awesome sidekick, a super-smart doggy...

At least that's how I see things, not really with parenting or romance involved... Is this what you meant?


Spike + Jet:  Typical best male friends.  They love each other like brothers while never acknowledging their relationship.  We're too tough to say, "I love you, man."  

Spike + Faye:  The typical pulling pig-tails/shooting spit-balls relationship.  The "I find you attractive but I'm supposed to hate you" factor.  Nothing ever happened between Spike & Faye, but everyone (including them) expected it. They both had too much baggage.

Jet + Faye: The potential girlfriend of your best friend.  You know she's trouble, but your best friend is just bound and determined to includer her in your plans.


It seems like the typical family of outcasts thrown together. They each seem to posses a quality that others have, making them harmonize in such a way that is explosive yet complete.