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• 3/26/2015

Name your Favorite One-time, Supporting or Main Character (or all three!)!

Explain what they did that makes them your fav, and why you like/how you can relate to them be it yourself or a friend you know.

Mine is Ein, because he's smart & usually in a good mood while spreading it on board. That is unless you make him upset, and he cries at times if not fed just like a dog would. He has a good sense of if a person doesn't belong & will growl his seal of disapproval if they are dangerous or not to be trusted. Jeydo (talk)

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• 7/13/2018
Wow this is late lol....well anyhow Edward.
She's relatable, other than the abandonment bit, the feral parts like biting people, and talking in third person. Eccentric, skilled in a certain area, fun loving....
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