Abdul Hakim
2 Hakim
Abdul Hakim is a notorious serial pet thief
Personal Records
Height 6' 2" (reported by Big Shots)
Weight 233 lb (reported by Big Shots)
Age Unknown
ID D23578SSB

Voice actor:

Joe Romersa Ootomo, Ryuuzaburou

Abdul Hakim (ハキム) is a notorious serial pet thief who stole a data dog named Ein from an illegal research facility intending to sell it to a buyer. His bounty was 8 million Woolong. The bounty hunter Spike Spiegel attempted to catch him on Mars, but Hakim crashed into a ISSP precinct along with the criminal scientists he stole from, and all were arrested by the police.

Hakim used a doctor to perform surgery on him to alter his appearance and, apparently, even his size; post-surgery, he appears much bigger than the size that Big Shots reports for his pre-surgery self. Instead of paying the doctor, he beat him up and left.

Hakim is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and carries a gun. He was attempting to sell Ein to an unknown buyer. His appearance, name, and fighting style were modeled after the NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. [1]


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