10 Alisa
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Planet of Origin Ganymede
Sessions ganymede elegy
Status (Alive/Dead) Alive

Voice actor

Debra Jean Rodgers

"You seem to think that time on Ganymede had stopped."

Alisa was Jet Black's girlfriend in the early 2060s when he worked for the ISSP. One day she left Jet, leaving for him a watch and a note that said "Farewell."

Alisa started to run a bar called La Fin and also started a relationship with Rhint Celonias by 2071. It was a good relationship, and Rhint was protective of her. She eventually had to take out a loan with Law Rentzuo in order to keep the bar open. This proved to be a mistake, as Rentzuo came to threaten her to repay. Celonias fought them and killed Rentzuo, unfortunately incurring a bounty on himself.

When Jet returned to Ganymede, he found Alisa working in the bar. He asked her why she left, but she was cryptic about it. After Jet left, Alisa encouraged Rhint to leave, and they ran, but Jet caught up with them and captured them. Alisa then told Jet that the reason she left him was because she wanted more independence, even if her choices were terrible mistakes. Jet accepted this and left. [1]

References Edit

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