5 Annie
Annie at her corner store.
Planet of Origin Possibly Mars
Known Aliases Anastasia
Status (Alive/Dead) Deceased

Voice actor

Carol Stanzione (English)

"There are only two people that can call me by that name."

Annie, full name Anastasia, was a friend of Mao Yenrai of the Red Dragon crime syndicate.


Annie is the owner of a convenience store on Mars, and a friend of Spike, Julia, and Mao Yenrai. Her name is short for "Anastasia", although she allows only two certain people (presumably Mao and her late husband) to address her as such. She is a keen informant and in general a very sharp lady, as shown in one episode when she catches two juveniles trying to steal adult magazines from her news rack while seemingly not paying attention to them.

Ballad of Fallen AngelsEdit

In session 5, Annie is first seen in her corner store watching TV while two kids attempt to steal pornography. She chases them down the street until the kids run into Spike. While the kids try to get the magazines back from Spike (who took them without the youths' realization) Annie grabs both boys and is in shock that Spike is still alive. Spike goes back with Annie to her store and she informs him of what happened to Mao Yenrai. Annie then supplies Spike with weapons and ammunition. She tells Spike not to go do anything stupid, but she believes its no use in telling him because Spike never listens.

The Real Folk BluesEdit

Annie is seen for the last time in the series in The Real Folk Blues Pt. 2. Spike reunites with Julia and the two plan on running away together. They arrive at Annie's shop for supplies when, to their horror, they discover Annie slumped over on a bench holding her stomach while heavily bleeding. Spike tries to stop the bleeding, but Annie passes away shortly after their arrival. Her last words being  "It got a little chilly today. It's those cold winds..." And she dies on the couch covered in Julia's trench coat.