Bloody Eye (aka Red Eye) is a drug developed by an illegal syndicate of which Asimov Solensan was a member. This drug is the main driving force behind the story of Session 1, and is also mentioned and seen to varying degrees throughout the series. Vicious is also known to deal in Bloody Eye, and it is suspected he uses it as well.

Production and CostEdit


Not much is known about how Bloody Eye is made. It is said in Session 1 that one vial takes two months to make, implying it is of very high value. When Asimov and Spike are discussing their Bloody Eye transaction, Asimov offers 50 packs of Bloody Eye for 30 million woolongs. Bloody Eye likely never had a legitimate selling price because it has always been a black market product.



Bloody Eye is stored in glass vials and is administered using a specially designed device. The vial snaps into the device, then the liquid Bloody Eye is sprayed directly into the user's eyes. They immediately flare up with redness and irritation, giving the drug its name.


As (5)
Bloody Eye is similar to a very powerful steroid and stimulant combined into one. It makes the user extremely hyper and aware. They perceive time at a very rapid rate, causing everything around them to appear to move in slow motion. The user gains significant physical strength. It also appears that the user becomes agitated and angry, however Asimov is the only person ever seen taking Bloody Eye so this could be due more to his personality and predicament than the drug. A person on Bloody Eye is known to be quite a force to be reckoned with; Asimov took down numerous men without any weapons while on Bloody Eye, making him seemingly impossible to capture.


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