Chicken Bone is a song from Cowboy Bebop. Featured on the album Blue, it is performed by the Seatbelts and sung by SYDNEY with Sister R.

The song plays when Edward and Ein are searching for food on Io. [1]

Lyrics Edit

I like, you like, he likes, she likes chicken bone Everyone loves like a crazy chicken bone My dog, my cat, my mouse want chicken bone I left my head over the chicken bone

Dreamin', dreamin' dreamin' Of this chicken bone Crazy, crazy, crazy 'Bout a chicken bone Happy, happy, happy With a chicken bone From the bottom of my heart The chicken bone

Roast it well With cajun sauce Together Together Ohhh Long as you don't throw it away Bake it With Asian sauce Together Together It is good for your healthy life Baby it's true So if you love it to the bone Ohh Ohh

I'd love to go just like a chicken bone I'm really moved by the chicken bone The more you eat, the more you'll be the chicken bone I left my head over the chicken bone

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