Cowboy Bebop Tank! THE! BEST!
Soundtrack by The Seatbelts
Released December 22 2004
Recorded Van Gelder Studios
Genre Blues, Jazz
Length 68:23
Label Blue Note
Producer(s) Yoko Kanno
The Seatbelts chronology
Boxed Set
Tank! THE! BEST!

Cowboy Bebop Tank! THE! BEST! is the final album by The Seatbelts, containing 12 tracks including three all-new songs written for the 2005 game, featuring the vocals of Ilaria Graziano. Other songs are selected from the TV series and the Cowboy Bebop movie. The first pressing of the CD included a bonus sticker. The band split after this recording.

Cowboy Bebop Tank! THE! BEST! Tracklist
Track name Length Notes
1. "Tank!" 3:30
  • Alto Sax: Masato Honda
2. "What Planet Is This?!" 3:31
  • Sax Solo: Masato Honda
  • Backing Vocals: Mai Yamane, Mayu Jensen, Tim Jensen, Mataro Misawa
3. "Cosmic Dare" 4:29
  • Vocals: Reynada Hill
  • Lyrics: Raj Ramayya
4. "Diamonds" 4:01
  • Vocals: Ilaria Graziano
  • Piano: George Colligan
  • Bass: Stanley Clarke
5. "Don't Bother None" (TV edit) 2:55
  • Vocals: Mai Yamane
  • Guitar: Tsuneo Imahori
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen
6. "Piano Black" 2:47
  • Saxophone: Joshua Redman
7. "Mushroom Hunting" 3:19
  • Vocals: Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch
  • Electric Bass: Stanley Clarke
  • Fender Rhodes Piano: George Colligan
  • Drums: Bill Stewart
  • Percussion: Daniel Sadownick
  • Saxophone: Chris Potter
  • Trombone: Josh Roseman
  • Trumpet: Nicholas Payton
8. "No Reply" 6:01
  • Vocals: Steve Conte
  • Strings: Shinozaki Masatsugu Group
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen
9. "Blue" 5:04
  • Vocals: Mai Yamane
  • Chorus: Soichiro Otsuka, Gabriela Robin
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen
10. "Einstein Groovin'" 6:19
  • Vocals: Ilaria Graziano
11. "Pearls" 4:44
  • Vocals: Ilaria Graziano
12. "Gotta Knock A Little Harder" 5:24
  • Vocals: Mai Yamane
  • Chorus: Paule McWilliams, Nicki Richards, Sharon Bryant-Gallwey, Lisa Fischer
  • Lyrics: Tim Jensen

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