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Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless
Soundtrack by The Seatbelts
Released June 3 1998
Recorded Van Gelder Studios
Genre Blues, Jazz
Length 28:27
Label Blue Note
Producer(s) Yoko Kanno
The Seatbelts chronology
Cowboy Bebop
No Disc

Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless (カウボーイビバップ ビタミンレス Kaubōi Bibappu Bitaminresu) is the first mini-album recorded by The Seatbelts. It features a few of the show's songs, along with the end credits theme, "The Real Folk Blues".

Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless Track listing
Track name Length Notes
1. "The Real Folk Blues" 6:17
2. "Odd Ones" 3:10
  • Saxophone: Chris Potter
  • Piano: Mark Soskin
  • Bass: Scott Colley
  • Drums: Bill Stewart
3. "Doggy Dog" 3:16
4. "Cats on Mars" 2:45
  • Vocals & Lyrics: Gabriela Robin
  • Keyboard: Yoko Kanno
5. "Spy" 2:03
  • Flute and Alto Sax: Gary Bartz
  • Trombone: Josh Roseman
  • Trumpet: Nicholas Payton
  • Guitar: Peter Bernstein
  • Bass: Scott Colley
  • Drums: Al Foster
  • Percussion: Daniel Sadownick
6. "Fantaisie Sign" 4:59
  • Vocals & Lyrics: Carla Vallet
  • Keyboards: George Colligan
  • Saxophone: Joshua Redman
  • Flugelhorn: Nicholas Payton
  • Lyrics [1]
7. "Piano Bar 1" 3:23
  • Piano: Mark Soskin
8. "Black Coffee (Bonus Track)" 3:14
  • Bass Clarinet: Chris Potter
  • Trumpet: Nicholas Payton
  • Bass: Scott Colley
  • Drums: Bobby Previte
  • Lyrics [2]

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