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Session 22
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Session 22 : Cowboy Funk

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The crew tracks a bounty named Teddy Bomber, a terrorist that blows up buildings by stuffing teddy bears with explosives. When Spike nearly apprehends him successfully, he is rudely interrupted by a blond man riding a horse. Mistaking Spike for the terrorist, the man ropes Spike while the teddy bomber escapes. With his body and pride injured, Spike returns to relay the tale to an unbelieving Bebop crew. Ed, however, pulls up the man on the database, and he is revealed to be Andy, a man who bears a striking similarity in appearance and mannerism to Spike.

The crew attempts to nab the Teddy Bomber again, this time, at a masquerade. Jet, dressed as a hippy, Spike, wearing a mask, and Faye, dressed as a socialite with a Venetian mask, find the Teddy Bomber dressed conspicuously in a giant teddy bear costume. Just as they are about to capture their bounty, Andy, on a horse, rides up on the elevator and distracts the crew, allowing the teddy bomber to explode bombs and run from the tower. Spike and Andy give chase, and thanks to their similarities and rivalry, they soon engage in a vehicular brawl, ignoring the Teddy Bomber.

While riding in a police wagon, the Teddy Bomber finally reveals that he blew up the tallest buildings as a protestation against the waste resulting from practicing capitalism without philosophy. A sympathetic policeman comforts him, until Andy is revealed to be riding alongside the police wagon, wearing a samurai outfit and riding a horse. The episode ends as both Andy and the wagon move into the sunset. At the end of the episode it says See You Space Samurai instead of the usual See You Space Cowboy.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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Songs UsedEdit

"Go Go Cactus Man"

Series ConnectionsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • At the start of the episode, when Spike is telling Faye and Jet about Andy, Jet jokes that the horse is believable but that Andy should be a samurai instead of a cowboy. At the end of the episode, Andy does, in fact, become a samurai.

Real World ReferencesEdit

  • The Dollars Trilogy by Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood as "The Man with No Name" contains a similar theme song to Cowboy Funk. In addition, the holster shots between Spike and Andy during the final scene are characteristic of Leone's films.
  • The Teddy Bomber appears to be a reference to Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. This is most noticeable during his final speech in which he shares anti-capitalism views.
  • Andy tells Spike to call him Wyatt Earp, the name of a famous "Cowboy".
  • This episode was pulled from broadcast in the United States shortly after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City due to including terrorist attacks on skyscrapers.

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