Cowgirl Ed
Soundtrack by The Seatbelts
Released June 21 2001
Genre Blues, Jazz
Length 18:30
Label Blue Note
Producer(s) Yoko Kanno
The Seatbelts chronology
Future Blues
Cowgirl Ed
Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set

Cowgirl Ed is a limited edition Mini-CD by The Seatbelts featuring six tracks from Cowboy Bebop. This single came packaged with the first pressing of Cowboy Bebop: Future Blues and is currently out of print.

Cowgirl Ed Original Soundtrack Tracklist
Track name Length Notes
1. "Goodnight Julia" 1:56
  • Piano: George Colligan
  • Saxophone: Joshua Redman
2. "PAPA Plastic" 4:11
  • Vocals: Gabriela Robin
3. "Telephone Shopping" 0:18
4. "Kabutoga ni kodai no sakana (The Horseshoe Crab, the Ancient Fish)" 3:42
5. "Slipper Sleaze" 3:32
  • Guitar: Peter Bernstein
  • Piano: George Colligan
  • Bass: Stanley Clarke
  • Drums: Bill Stewart
  • Percussion: Daniel Sadownick
6. "23 Wa (Episode 23)" 4:51
  • Electric guitar: Terje Rypdal
  • Keyboards: Rainer Brüninghaus
  • Harp and voice: Soichiro Otsuka

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