Earth was the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System and the origin of human beings.

In the year 2021, an Astral Gate exploded above Earth in an event known as the Astral Gate accident. The explosion destroyed most of Earth's moon, causing a near-constant natural disaster of rock showers falling into orbit and hitting the planet's surface. [1][2] After the accident, most of Earth's population migrated to other worlds or moved underground. The few that remain typically live in ruined settlements, often with a respectable semblance of society and order. The surface of Earth was completely unrecognizable, and features such as land carvings were obliterated. [2]

The people of Earth communicated with other planets via a network of satellites, and a new Astral Gate was built by 2071. [2]

The Earth Police Department was the police on Earth. [2]

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The average temperature has risen since the Twentieth Century, creating more arid and barren landscapes.

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  • A "Rock Shower Forecast" is produced over radio signals in the style of a weather report. With an ever-changing topography, landmasses are divided into "Sectors" rather than countries or states. The rock shower forecast predicts the likelihood of meteorites in a given sector.
  • Satellites and electricity are still available in some regions for the potential of television and Internet usage.

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