Elektra Ovirowa
Elektra fighting Spike
Hair Colour brown
Sessions Cowboy Bebop the movie
Status (Alive/Dead) alive

Voice actor

Jennifer Hale (English)

Elektra Ovirowa (エレクトラ・オヴィロゥ Erekutora Ovirō?) is a veteran of the Titan War who tries to "save" Vincent Volaju from his insanity. [1]


Her love for Vincent caused them to have a short-term relationship, during which Vincent transferred the vaccine to Elektra. She is unaware of this until Vincent sets her free from the nanomachines on the monorail. She meets Spike when he infiltrates a bio weapon lab at Cherious Medical, which fronts as a pharmaceutical company where she works. After a few more chance meetings, and witnessing his being shot and thrown from a monorail by Vincent, she teams up with the crew of the Bebop to put an end to Vincent's intent to destroy the population of Mars. The samples of her blood are used to make the vaccine that is spread over Alba City. In the end, it is she who shoots Vincent and kills him. She cries for him when he admits he remembers her and their love for one another as he is dying.


She is visually inspired by Gina Gershon.