Fad (ファド) is Jet Black's former ISSP partner. He appears in the session Black Dog Serenade, and plays a role in the events that caused Jet to lose his arm.

Sometime in Jet's ISSP days, he and Fad pursued Udai Taxim when the assassin was part of the Europa gang. While giving chase, Jet and Fad split up with Jet tailing almost directly behind Udai. As soon as it seems Udai is cornered by Jet, a floodlight is switched on and shone directly on Jet. A gunshot is heard, and Jet's arm is lost. Unbeknownst to Jet until the end of Black Dog Serenade, it is revealed that Fad was the one who shot him and not Udai, as previously believed. The reason for this is because Fad was on Europa's payroll and thus would be awarded a large amount of money. Also, he could not afford for one of the gang's key members to be caught.

In the episode, Jet teams up with Fad to stop a gang of criminals who have hijacked a police transport ship. Mirroring their past days, while inside the ship, Jet and Fad split up because Fad knows that Jet "likes to do things alone". All criminals are subdued until only Udai remains. Udai and Jet fight, with Udai revealing Fad's role in Jet's arm loss. Fad kills Udai shortly after and threatens to shoot Jet. Jet grabs a pistol and shoots Fad, who also appears to fire at the same time. However, Fad fired the only bullet in his magazine at Udai and thus is killed by Jet. This is seen as penance for him taking Jet's arm.

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