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Written by Gainesaurus:

Animated by digsBot:

Voiced by Octopimp:


In the year 2021, the first hyperspace gateway is developed, allowing humanity to travel great distances in only days instead of months. But only a year later, an experimental gate exploded, taking a chunk of the moon with it. Billions perished from the resulting radiation and lunar debris and humanity was forced to terraform the rest of the solar system. As Mars became the new center of human civilization, Earth was mostly abandoned.

As Earth became a distant memory, economies boomed on other planets under fledgling governments, but despite the establishment of the Inter-Solar System Police, crime syndicates quickly grew powerful. One of the most influential was the Red Dragon led by Mao Yenrai, but Mao's old age soon led to a power struggle in the syndicates.

One ISSP officer, Jet Black, investigated the syndicates, but lost his arm in an ambush. Disillusioned by police corruption, he purchased a mechanical arm and an old Ganymede fishing vessel he named The Bebop to investigate crime as a bounty hunter. Along the way, he met Spike Spiegel, a young man running from his past. Despite his indifferent attitude, his Jeet Kune Do helped the duo become the most feared bounty hunters in the system.

Follow Jet and Spike as they grudgingly put together an oddball crew of amnesiacs, intelligent dogs, and a girl named Ed in search of the next big score. So, see you space cowboy... and...

Have fun!


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