Ganymede Elegy

(Ganimede Bojō)

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Sessions 10
Previous Session Jamming With Edward
Next Session Toys In The Attic
Original Airdate December 26, 1998

"Ganymede Elegy" is the tenth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop.


In order of appearance):


The crew had caught a bounty, Baker Panchorero, and now has him tied up in the ship’s common room. Ed torments him while the Bebop flies towards Ganymede to cash in on Baker. As Jet pilots the ship he looks at a broken watch and reminisces about a memory about a woman. Spike and Faye wake him up from his daydream and Faye supposes he was thinking of a girl he left behind on Ganymede after remembering its his home satellite, or one that left him behind. This clearly angers the pensive Jet.

An old friend and partner, Donnelly, appears on the video screen, so he and Jet talk about the old times. Donnelly remembers Jet’s nickname, the Black Dog, and Jet’s ex-girlfriend, Elisa.

On Donnelly’s info, Jet goes to see Elisa at her bar, La Fin, on the port of Marvis. He takes the Hammer Head after performing a water landing of the Bebop. Marvis looks like an old-fashioned fishing town, complete with seagulls and wooden boats. Spike and Faye cash in the bounty and talk about Jet’s girl. Back on the Bebop, Faye tries to get a tan as she lays on the deck of the Bebop. Ed tries to fish off the side, and Spike tries to make repairs on his Swordfish II.

Jet finds La Fin, where a skittish man named Rhint leaves after Elisa tells him that Jet is an old friend. Elisa says she’s closing shop and moving due to the lack of customers. Jet is worried that she can’t make enough money to pay off the bank. Elisa explains that she’s okay and has her boyfriend, Rhint. Jet tells her he’s a bounty hunter now and shows her the watch.

Meanwhile, back on the Bebop, Donnelly calls Spike and gives him special info on a new bounty, Rhint, and explains to Spike that he is Elisa’s boyfriend. Spike, realizing the situation, asks for the bounty reward before flying off in his Swordfish II to contact Jet at his ship.

Jet explains his memory of Elisa leaving him and asks why she did it. Elisa claims that she doesn't remember because time never stands still.

Outside of La Fin, Rhine unsuccessfully tries to light his cigarette, and flashes back to the night he shot a loan-shark coming to hassle Elisa in self-defense. Jet leaves La Fin and the two lock eyes before Jet flies away. Rhint is scared when he realizes that Jet is a bounty hunter. Elisa wants them to leave now. Spike tries to find La Fin but sees Rhint and Elisa on a hovercraft boat first. He pursues them through an industrial district, firing warning shots, and almost crashes into Jet’s Hammer Head.

Jet tells Spike to back off, saying this used to be his beat as a cop and it’s his score to settle as the Black Dog, saying that once he bites, he never lets go.

Jet pursues the hovercraft through tight canals and into an open bay where he uses the Hammer Head’s harpoon to slow the boat down. He reels in the boat like a fishing rod but the tail end of the boat breaks off and the hovercraft crashes onto a rocky shoreline. On land, Elisa holds Jet at gunpoint. An ISSP ship is hovering overhead, painting a tense atmosphere. Elisa pleads to let them go. Jet says that even if he does, she’ll be caught later and then be an accomplice, too.

Elisa breaks down and confides that the reason she left him was because he always made the decisions for the both of them and that she never had to do anything for herself. She lowers the gun, crying.

Rhint tries to escape, but Jet is quick to subdue him. The couple gives up, but Jet shows compassion for their relationship. After Rhint is taken into custody, Jet says to Elisa that Rhint will probably be released on a self-defense plea. He leaves the scene and throws the watch into the river, happy to put the past behind him.


The way you talk about it, you seem to think that time really has stopped here. That’s a story from long ago, and I…I’ve forgotten about it. Time never stands still.
— Elisa

When I was a cop, this was my beat. I’m the Black Dog and when I bite I don’t let go. I have no regrets about her, but I’ll settle this score on my own turf.
— Jet Black

That’s just how you were back then, you decided everything; in the end you were always right. When I was there with you I never had to do anything for myself. All I had to do was to hang onto your arm like a child without a care in the world. I wanted to live my own life; make my own decisions, even if they were terrible mistakes.
— Elisa

Songs UsedEdit

  • The Singing Sea – After Session Card, into Ganymede wides, Jet in Hammer Head.
  • Forever Broke - Edward is fishing over the side of the Bebop's deck.
  • Waltz for Zizi – Jet and Elisa at La Fin (12 minutes); Jet and Elisa at dock.
  • Elm- Rhint/Elisa and Jet chase.

Homages and ReferencesEdit

  • Black Dog, Jet's nickname, is a reference to the 1971 Led Zeppelin song of the same name.
  • Baker Panchorero, the name of the bounty head in the beginning of the session, is named after the last names of the main characters from the 1970's police drama CHiPs. Jon Baker and Francis Panchorero.

Trivia Edit

  • Ganymede is the largest moon of Jupiter and the largest natural satellite in the Solar system. Ganymede is composed of silicate rock and water ice. Evidence shows that the moon has a tenuous oxygen based atmosphere and possible salt-water ocean beneath its icy crust.
  • Elegy: An Elegy is defined as a mournful, melancholic or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead. The word comes from the Greek elegeia which is a reflection on the death of someone or on a sorrow generally.
  • La Fin: La Fin is French for "The End". Elisa opened the bar herself as a way of taking control of her life, which would indicate a new beginning or an end to her dependency on others; however she was forced to take a loan from a criminal and once again be dependent on someone else to care for her.

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