Personal Records
Height 5' 11"
Gender Male
"Hey, it's a good looking machine. Transferring wealth from the fortunate to the unfortunate can be very fulfilling. It's what charity's all about, don't you think so?"
―George talking to Ruth while attempting to steal Faye's ship[src]

George is a pirate who appears in Session 19 of Cowboy Bebop: Wild Horses.


George is a younger looking male, with curly red hair, tiny beady little eyes, and large eyebrows. He wears a long blue hoodie jacket (most of the time the hood is also worn up, even when he's inside).


George is a sarcastic, evil, and a tad insane. Whenever he hacks into peoples ship systems, he almost gets a sick kick out of it, laughing hysterically at whoever he catches. He is very taunting and overconfident to all the people he tries to hack (most likely because he's using one of the most advanced ship hacking systems in existence).

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