A listing of smaller terms in the Cowboy Bebop universe that may not deserve an entire page

Astral Gate
A piece of space infrastructure that allows a ship to travel in hyperspace.
Chump change
A small, insignificant amount of something (typically money). Someone that is not worth your time or effort.
Data Dog
A biological canine that has been intellectually enhanced through engineering. See Ein for more.
MONO (Machine Operation Navigation of Outer space)
A term used to describe vessels that are capable of space travel.
Red Eye
An illegal performance enhancing drug applied directly to one's eyes in order to gain enhanced sensory perception and reflexes for a short duration. Continued use of Red Eye can lead to addiction and injuries to bodily organs.
A single episode in the Cowboy Bebop series. "Session" and "Episode" are interchangable terms. "Session" was used as a reference to a "jam session", enforcing Cowboy Bebop's musical influences.
The form of currency used in Cowboy Bebop.
A compact spacecraft used primarily for terrestrial use or dogfights in space. See: Swordfish II, Red Tail or Hammer Head.

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