Personal Records
Date of Birth: 2042
Estimated Age 29
Planet of Origin ??
Known Aliases ??
Criminal Records
Prison Escapee

Drug Dealing


Additional Information

According to “wanted” poster:
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 172 pounds

Voice actor:

David A. Thomas (English)

"I was in the same unit as Vicious on Titan. You said that you didn't need comrades... but I'm attracted to that word---to the point of tears. You see...that's what we were at Titan. We were all comrades."
Gren to Faye[[Session 13: Jupiter Jazz Part 2|[src]]]

Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener (グレン) (born 2042, died 2071) was a veteran of the Titan War and a saxophone player at the Blue Crow. After the war he was tried as a spy and imprisoned for three years. He later moved to Callisto and became involved in the illegal Red Eye trade. He was killed after confronting his war comrade, Vicious, during a drug trade he had arranged.


Little is known about Grencia Mars' past. When he deployed during the Titan War he was stationed in the same company as Vicious. During this time Gren admired Vicious as a soldier. He was given a music box mechanism from Vicious that played the song Julia. Unknown to Gren, this music box contained a solar transmitter.

After the war he was tried as a spy by a military court.

"When I came home from the war they put me in prison. They thought I was a spy. I heard it was Vicious that testified against me, I started to go crazy. So they gave me some new drug they were testing on prisoners. It was highly addictive, and the side effects? Well, my hormones went out of balance and this is what happened."
Gren talking to Faye Valentine.

The drug he received during his imprisonment increased his estrogen levels that caused him to grow female breasts.

After three years, he escaped from prison.

On Callisto he lived at the Orlando Apartments, a blue building, in a town completely devoid of women. He played the saxophone at the Blue Crow where only two women ever patronized: Julia and Faye Valentine.

Julia sat at the same barstool for several months and every night requested the same song: Julia. When Gren showed her the music box and explained that it was from Vicious, she told him to open it up (knowing that the solar transmitter would be there). At that moment Gren decided to bide his time until he could lure Vicious to Callisto for a Red Eye trade. His plan was to confront Vicious and learn why a war comrade testified against him.

In meeting Faye Valentine, the night before his drug deal with Vicious, Gren explained his past to her after she discovered his "bi-gender" qualities. She ended up trying to shoot him for having ties to Vicious (an enemy of hers), but Gren managed to handcuff Faye to his bed.

At the drug deal Vicious attempted to kill Gren with a suitcase bomb and later shot Gren's zipcraft to the ground. Gren managed to slip the music box, with its solar transmitter, onto Vicious' ship that caused an explosion to his wing. Vicious managed to escape, but Gren suffered fatal internal injuries. In his last moments, he requested Spike to power up his engines so he could go to - and rest in peace on - Titan. He died on the journey.

Trivia Edit

Character designer for the series, Kawamoto Toshihiro, stated that the most challenging character to design was Gren, as Gren was originally modeled after Brad Pitt, but Kawamoto had trouble picturing "Brad Pitt with breasts."


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