The Hammer Head is a tow-craft belonging to Jet Black. Given its amphibious nature, it is likely from the aquatic moon Ganymede, much like the Bebop.

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The Hammer Head was 21.5m long, weighing 15.3 tons.

Landing ModesEdit

The Hammer Head is both able to land on ground and water. When landing on water, the "wings" on the back of the Hammer Head are used for floating. For landing on ground, ordinary landing gear is used. The wings are folded in this mode and the tow harpoon is swiveled to the front for saving space. [1]


Being a tow craft, the Hammer Head doesn't feature guns or missile launchers. However, it has a harpoon-like tow chain that can be used to catch other vehicles. This device is swiveled to the back when flying or landing, but is designed to shoot forward, making it capable of precision shooting. It also features retractable claw-like extensions on the nose which can be used to clear obstructions. [2]

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