The History of Cowboy Bebop begins on Earth when humans were just beginning to expand out into their Solar System.

20th centuryEdit

Faye Valentine's childhoodEdit

Faye Valentine (Born: August 14, 1994), real name unknown, was a teenager on Earth. She lived in a city by the sea and once videotaped a day in her life, along with her friends, as a memento to herself as an adult.  The city is Singapore, as evidenced by that city's present day symbol, the Mer-lion.

She had access to a beta tape camera.

21st centuryEdit

Hyper Space Gate AccidentEdit

After the Gate Corporation pushed on with the project in 2021 against the judgement of some scientists who believed it wasn't ready, the hyper space gate near the Earth's moon exploded, damaging the moon and nearly wiping out all life on the Earth. Falling debris from the accident still continually changes the landscape on humanity's former home.

Spike Spiegel's past Edit

Spike Spiegel was once a member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate, with Julia and Vicious.

Jet Black's pastEdit

Jet Black is a former police officer from Jupiter's moon Ganymede.

Year 2071Edit