Jamming With Edward
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Session 9
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"Jamming with Edward" is the ninth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop.


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Due to massive rock showers from a catastrophic gate accident, most Earthlings are forced to live underground. To maintain contact with the rest of the star system, they developed an elaborate network of satellites.

One satellite is carving large pictures into the Earth's surface, due to net hackers hacking into it. An 8 million Woolong bounty is established for the capture of the hacker responsible, and everyone believes it is Radical Edward. At this point in the series Edward's true identity is not understood, everyone believes she is a male for starters, and rumors abound of her physical make up. Edward is hanging out on Earth when she gets word of the satellite and Bebop's involvement. She is a big fan of the Bebop, and she sees this as her chance to get in contact with the crew. No one can access the satellite because its access codes are long gone, but Edward manages to hack into it anyway. Once she has gained access, she communicates with the satellite and finds out it has not been hacked at all. Instead the satellite itself decided to carve the drawings. While communicating with the satellite, Edward asks for its name and is given back "Central processing unit of the D135 Artificial Satellite". Edward decides that is too stuffy and nicknames the satellite "MPU" (pronounced "em-pew"), which is "like 'CPU' only neater!" Jet and Faye decide to take on the bounty, but Spike sits out because "hackers are boring".

Faye decides to investigate the transmitters on earth that could contact the satellite, and is overwhelmed with how many there are. Jet goes to Earth and talks with the citizens, gathering any info he can find on Edward. He is told Edward is a 7 foot tall ex basketball player, a 3 year old freak of nature, an alien and a drag queen. It's obvious Edward has kept her identity a secret very well. While Ed is talking with the satellite, the police catch on and jam its signal. Edward decides she needs the help of the Bebop and contacts them directly, hacking into their computer system "in real time". Much to the surprise of the Bebop crew, especially Faye, Edward is able to prove she really is "Radical Edward". Edward informs the Bebop crew they will need to physically go to the satellite and destroy its transmitters. But due to the plethora of attack satellites, they cannot use their computer. This piques Spike's interest and he agrees to take on the challenge. Edward and the Bebop crew successfully destroy MPU's transmitters, and Edward takes her chance to download MPU to a backup. It is then determined MPU is actually an old spy satellite disguised as a weather satellite, that was programmed to reactivate after a certain period of receiving no commands. Since it was determined the satellite itself did the carvings, no bounty is awarded.

Edward and Faye agreed to a favor that if Edward helped them, she would be able to join them as a member. Faye agrees to this full well knowing she has no intention of keeping the favor; Spike and Jet are unaware of this deal. When the Bebop is leaving, Edward realizes they are going to abandon her, so she hacks the Bebop and has it land back on earth. From then on, Edward becomes a member of the Bebop.


I'm not the type to be led around by a woman.
— Jet Black
You'll just have to lead her.
— Spike Spiegel
I'm even less the type to do that.
— Jet Black

You can't tell the age of a woman by looking at her.
— Jet Black, foreshadowing a later episode
Those Earthlings are weird.
— Faye Valentine
Radical Edward's profile: he's a seven foot ex basketball pro, hindu, guru, drag queen, alien!
— Jet Black

Homages and ReferencesEdit

  • The drawings that the satellite is carving are recreations of the ancient Nazca line drawings of Peru. MPU states he is recreating them within a 2% margin of error. These drawings are famous for their gigantic size and are the subject of a lot of controversy as to how an ancient civilization could create them or why they even would.


  • Jet's comment about determining a woman's age strikes a nerve with Faye. It is later revealed that Faye has been revived from a previous era, and is in fact much older than she looks. This aspect of Faye becomes a key part of her character, and Jet's early comment is a foreshadowing of this.
  • Edward reveals her full name to the satellite as "Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV". A hint at just how eccentric she is.

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