Katerina Solensan
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Katerina Solensan holding groceries
Personal Records
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Tijuana
"Ha ha. I can't tell when you're joking and when you're not!"
―-Katerina Solensan[[Session 1:Asteroid Blues|[src]]]
"Yeah, I get that a lot."
Spike Spiegel
Katerina Solensan (カテリーナ・ソーレンサン) is a drug smuggler and a wife of the criminal Asimov Solensan. She dreams of leaving the Tijuana asteroid for a better life on Mars, but dies in her escape attempt alongside Asimov. Her fake pregnancy is a disguise for Bloody Eye in her stomach.
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Katerina talking to Spike

Appearance Edit

Katerina is a young busty woman with light-medium skin tone and purple eyes. Her wavy brown hair is tied with blue ribbons and she wears geometric earings. She is dressed in a purple maternity dress.

Abilities Edit

She seems to be a good shooter. At the El Rey bar she shot dead one of the gang members.

Biography Edit

She makes her first appearance as a very attractive woman who is obviously extremely pregnant. She's trying to make her way to Mars with her husband who is escaping the Syndicate after stealing an entire batch of Bloody Eye. Her dreams are to settle down on Mars and live a happy life with the profits from selling the Bloody Eye.

Ks (14)

Katerina shot Asimov in the head

During a shootout her stomach is shot and her dress torn which causes loss of some of the Bloody Eye that she was hiding in her dress disguised as a pregnant woman. While trying to escape from Spike her husband takes too much of the Bloody Eye and loses his mind. He charges on a police barracade but she shoots him before they get there. She dies when their ship is destroyed in the shooting by the police at the barricade.


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