Lee Sampson
KOHD Lee Samson
Estimated Age 17
Height 5'6"
Weight 209lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Domicile Mars
Computer Custom wearable computer
Criminal Records Counterfeiting, Computer hacking

Voice actor

Dave Wittenberg (English)

A teenage hacker and Vincent's accomplice, Lee Sampson (リー・サムソン Rī Samuson?) plays an integral role in the plot to release deadly nanomachines on the population of Mars.





Lee is very interested in video games from the 20th century (as shown by him playing an alternate version of Pac-Man in a car while talking to Vincent). In an interview with Watanabe, the interviewer referred to Lee Sampson, a character in the film who "unable to distinguish" death in real life and death in a video game; when the interviewer asked Watanabe whether he wanted to "question society's desensitization to violence" with a character who "truly feels the pain of death," Watanabe responded by saying that he did not intend to 'make it a "statement," as such.' Watanabe added that he does not create films to "particular message" and that films "naturally reflect the way we feel at the time."

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