9 MPU1
Personal Records
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Function Weather Satellite

The Central processing unit on D-135 or MPU (んぴゅー) is a control program on a former US Military satellite that existed over Earth. It used a network of attack satelites that orbit earth to make land carvings of animals similar to the Nazca Lines that had existed on Earth prior to the Astral Gate accident, which caused rock showers to reshape Earth's topography.

Jamming with EdwardEdit

MPU caused the mysterious land carvings to form on the Earth's surface. While the news claimed it was a prank by a hacker, the Bebop crew believed that the satellite did it because it was simply lonely.


MPU's appearance may have been based on the appearance of the ever-present red sensor of HAL-9000 from the science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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