Mao Yenrai
5 Mao
Capo of the Red Dragons
Date of Birth  ?/?/2019
Estimated Age 52
Height 5 foot 6 inches
Weight 133 pounds
Domicile Mars
Criminal Records Murder
Sessions Ballad of Fallen Angels
Status (Alive/Dead) Deceased

Voice actor

Craig Dana

"This won't do you any good! The times have changed! The syndicates can't survive like this any longer. This endless bloodletting is tearing us all apart!"
―Mao Yenrai[src]

Mao Yenrai (マオ・イェンライ Mao Yenrai?) is a Capo of the Red Dragon crime syndicate. He is a mentor to both Vicious and Spike. Vicious murders him after signing a treaty with the White Tiger crime syndicate without permission of The Van.


Very little is known about Mao Yenrai prior to the events in the anime. He wanted to conduct peaceful business with other syndicates, going as far as to sign a treaty with the rival White Tiger crime syndicate. He was apparently very fond of Spike and took on the role of his mentor; it is also implied that he was the one who recruited Spike and Vicious as members to the Red Dragon syndicate. Other little snippets of information about Mao are provided by Annie. It appears that Mao was close to her and her late husband, and she tells Spike that after he faked his death, Mao kept looking for him. He believed Spike was alive because he could "feel" it. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Mao's Chinese name is written as '毛恩来'. It is seen briefly on the treaty between the two crime syndicates.

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"If... Spike were here... you would never... have done this..." - Mao Yenrai to Vicious, while he was dying.

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  1. Ballad of Fallen Angels