Pao Cowboy Bebop

Pao's tombstone


An old associate of Jet Black, Pao Pu-Zi has a reputation as one of the three greatest Feng-shui masters on Mars. Pao appears in Session 21, Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui.


Pao sends Jet a message that simply says: "Seek the Holy Beast of Ahnzahn. I am where the four gods meet." Jet goes on to meet Pao's daughter Meifa Pu-Zi.

After the crew finds Pao within hyperspace, they communicate with him from Pao Pu-Zi's Spacecraft.

Pao is running low on oxygen and dies shortly after speaking with Meifa.

Pao Alive Cowboy Bebop

Pao transmitting from his ship

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