Police Cruiser
ISSP Police Cruiser Side
Dimensions: Length: ?

Width: ?

Height: ?

Weight: ?
Armaments: ?
Power system: ?
Propulsion system: ?
Shell/Armor ?

The Police Cruiser is the standard light patrol and interceptor craft used by the ISSP. It is widely used across the solar system and shares a similar design to Faye Valentine's Red Tail. Police Cruisers are always painted pearl white and are distinguishable by two strobing red lights on the engine pods. They have atmospheric capability and take off vertically. Typical crew complement is two ISSP officers.

A fleet of cruisers intercepted Asimov and Katerina Solensan around Tijuana. The cruisers destroy their ship not knowing that Katerina had just killed Asimov.

When two ISSP officers close in on Ed she uses her hacking skills to take control of their cruiser and then crash it, claiming it was pilot error.

When a prisoner ship carrying Udai Taxim is seized by its prisoners, a fleet of Police Cruisers intercept it. However Udai manages to destroy nearly all of them by detonating a section of the ship that had been jettisoned.

ISSP Police Cruiser Aft 2