Rhint Celonius
Rhint Celonius
Estimated Age 27
Height 5'11"
Weight 154.5 lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Planet of Origin Ganymede
Weapon of Choice Browning Hi-Power
Criminal Records Murder
Sessions ganymede elegy
Status (Alive/Dead) alive

Voice actor

Steve Stalley

"I...killed a guy."
―Rhint Celonius

Rhint Celonius (リンド) was a criminal and bounty head from Ganymede.

Celonius came to know Alisa after she left Jet Black and dated her. He was very protective of her and, when she took out a loan from a loan shark, Law Rentzuo, he knew it might be trouble. When Rentzuo and his men assaulted her to repay, he charged them and killed Rentzuo. This incurred a 1.8 million bounty on his head.

Back at Alisa's bar, Celonius waited and, with Alisa, planned their next move. Jet visited the bar and, when it was clear Alisa knew him, he left them alone. Not only the fact that he killed someone, but that he has a bounty on his head weighed on him heavily. He thought their lives were over, but Alisa assured him it wasn't his fault. Alisa encouraged him to leave with her, and they took a boat to drive to a different town. However, Spike Spiegel had been looking for him, and chased the two for awhile. Then, Jet took over the chase, and eventually the boat lost its engine. Celonius was injured, but, this time, Alisa took the gun and defended him against Jet. When it was clear Alisa couldn't shoot him, Celonius started to run, only to be caught by Jet and encouraged to be strong in order to protect Alisa. Jet turned him in to the Ganymede Police Department. [1]

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