Roco Bonnaro
08 Rocco
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Domicile Venus
Weapon of Choice Browning Hi-Power
Criminal Records theft of rare grey ash plant
Sessions walts for venus
Status (Alive/Dead) deceased

Voice actor

Tom Fahn (English)

"Tell me, if we had met earlier in life, would we have been friends?"
―Roco Bonnaro[src]
"Master, you see it? I was fluid like water."
―Roco Bonnaro[src]

Roco Bonnaro (ロコ・ボナーロウ Roko Bonāro?) is a member of Piccaro Calvino's gang. He is involved in organized crime in order to support his blind younger sister, Stella, and does everything he can to help her regain her sight. Roco sees Spike effortlessly take out several hijackers on a spaceliner and begs Spike to teach him how to fight.


He befriends Spike, but doesn't tell him about the bounty on his head. Everything goes awry when Roco gives Spike a package to hold onto, which contains a plant called "Grey Ash" that he stole from Calvino. This plant, worth millions upon millions of woolongs, is capable of curing "Venus Sickness," the disease which has blinded Stella.

Roco has a rendezvous with Spike and they fight against Calvino's gang. Roco manages to pull off one of Spike's Jeet Kune Do maneuvers and topples one of the gangsters, but Roco is gunned down in the chaos. He asks Spike if they would have been friends if they had met sooner, and dies.

Later, Spike pays his respects and visits Stella, although she can feel that Roco has died. Before he leaves, Stella asks Spike about the type of person her brother really was. Spike responds: "You know better than anyone, without looking. He was a terrific guy; exactly the person you thought he was."

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