See You Space Cowboy is a song from Cowboy Bebop. It is an alternative rendition of The Real Folk Blues, and like said song, is sung by Mai Yamane. The song was featured on the album Blue as the secret closing track. While the ending chorus features English lyrics, the majority of this song is sung in Japanese.

Lyrics Edit

When everything is finished, Though my ears are still shut, you speak to me Your words are being washed away They can't bring relief as they flow to tomorrow

In the night when even prayer has vanished You go on towards what you believe The teardrop-colored falling stars pass by So that they can mock you

Unchangeable things and the like don't exist Yet, even if the mortal life comes to an end, This love cannot be erased That is to live forever Even when the dream hides in the darkness I got a rainbow In my hands...

Crossing over inside your heart, a voice speaks "You can erase even unchangeable things" Praying before the truth in the morning Love will once again return to this place

Love never dies Love never fails Love never ever fades away

Although mortal life will someday end, This love can't be erased It is something that will live forever Escaping from the darkness

When you pass phantoms Frozen in time Love is waiting over the rainbow A thousand rays of light are waiting You got a rainbow Rainbow in your hands..