This page summarizes every session (episode) of the Cowboy Bebop series.

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Asteroid Blues----Spike and Jet kick the series off attempting to apprehend Asimov Solensan, who has stolen a syndicate's entire supply of Bloody Eye.
Stray Dog Strut----Abdul Hakim steals Ein, a data dog, from a research facility. Hoping to nab Hakim and his 8 Million Woolong reward, Jet and Spike end up with Ein as their only prize, who becomes a permanent member of the Bebop.
Honky Tonk Women----Spike and Jet first meet Faye Valentine at a casino, who is involved in a scam with a mob boss in an attempt to relieve her massive debt. Faye escapes in the end, seemingly never to be seen again.
Gateway Shuffle----Faye is stranded in space with no fuel. Spike and Jet take on Maria Murdock, the leader an extreme animal rights activist group called the Space Warriors. Faye stumbles her way back onto the Bebop, deciding to take up residence much to the aggravation of Spike.
Ballad of Fallen Angels----Spike wants to investigate a bounty on his old boss, Mao Yenrai, who had been murdered by Spike's old comrade: Vicious.
Sympathy For The Devil----Spike and Jet track a bounty head named Giraffe. This leads them to an old man in a wheelchair, and a boy who is not as he appears. The story that began with the Hyper space Gate accident outside Earth then unfolds.
Heavy Metal Queen----Spike, Faye and Jet are all after Decker, a bounty head in possession of high explosives. They meet V.T, a female space trucker, and team up with her to catch Decker on a dangerous chase through an abandoned exel mine.
Waltz For Venus----After collecting on a 1.5 million Woolong bounty, Spike gains a fan in Rocco Bonnaro. Rocco, a small-time gang member, stole a rare and valuable plant from his own gang. When Spike ends up with the plant, however, he learns that it's worth tens of millions of Woolongs, worth a lot more than the bounty on the criminals who stole it.
Jamming With Edward----Something is carving giant pictures on Earth's surface and the talented computer hacker, Edward, manipulates the crew of the Bebop to come help. They discover the culprit was a "bored" satellite which Ed dubs MPU, and the episode concludes with Ed joining the crew.
Ganymede Elegy----Jet confronts his past on Ganymede where a woman he loved, Alisa, had left him without saying goodbye. Spike learns of a new bounty that has a connection to Alisa.
Toys In The Attic----A mysterious something is sneaking around the Bebop and biting the crew, leaving nasty purple welts. Spike and Ed set out to find out what it is, only to discover it was the result of leaving something in the fridge for too long. This episode completely takes place on the ship, giving us a broader view of the vessel and life spent traveling aboard the Bebop.
Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)----Faye disappears with all the money on Bebop. Ed tries to find her and discovers a "Code Name Julia" on Jupiter's moon, Callisto, which makes Spike believe that it's his Julia.
Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)----Spike wakes up after being tranquilized and looks for Vicious. Faye learns from Gren about his past with Vicious. Everyone meets up for a confrontation involving a Red Eye deal.
Bohemian Rhapsody----Spike, Faye and Jet capture 20 thugs involved in hijacking Astral Gates but none of them was the mastermind with the 12 million woolong bounty on their head. The only clue they have is a e-chess piece that Ed uses to play a game against a cyber opponent over the net: Chessmaster Hex. But are Spike, Faye and Jet just pawns themselves in the chess master's game?.
My Funny Valentine----Primarily a flashback episode where Faye recounts how she came out of cryogenic freezing to discover she is massively in debt. Her "lawyer", Whitney Hagas Matsumoto, tricks her into taking on his debt as well. The episode returns to the present where Witney is captured by Spike and Jet for a measly bounty. Faye talks with him some more in attempts to learn more about her past.
Black Dog Serenade----Jet and his old ISSP partner team up to take on a prisoner transport ship that has been overtaken by the prisoners. One prisoner aboard, Udai Taxim has a history with Jet. Jet finds out how he really lost his arm, and how and why his partner betrayed him so many years before.
Mushroom Samba----Knocked off course by a hit and run, the very hungry members of the out of fuel Bebop find themselves crash landed on Io. Ed and Ein go to look for food and instead come across a mushroom selling drug dealer, Domino Walker. While apprehending him for the bounty, she tests the mushrooms out on the rest of the crew, making for a psychedelic episode.
Speak Like A Child----A package comes for Faye that Jet has to pay for, much to his aggravation. They learn that it is a Beta video cassette and after trying to sell it to an electronics antique store, they begin a search for a Beta player to watch the tape which contains clues about Faye's past.
Wild Horses----After reuniting with his old friend Doohan for an overhaul of the Swordfish II, Spike is stranded in Earth's orbit after grappling with space pirates. Doohan, who had given him the Swordfish II, is now rebuilding a very iconic spaceship of his own.
Pierrot Le Fou----Spike witnesses a homicide by a deranged serial killer who is now after him with a full barrage of weapons.
Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui----Jet gets a note from an old friend, Pao, but instead winds up with the friends' daughter, who is a Feng Shui follower. The two are chased by syndicate mobsters on a search for answers to find out what happened to Pao.
Cowboy Funk----A serial bomber is trying to blow up skyscrapers, but Spike is more concerned about an American Western-styled cowboy on horseback that hinders Spike's attempts to catch his bounty.
Brain Scratch----Dr. Londes, the leader of the religious cult Scratch, has a large bounty on his head, and Faye joins the cult to get to the bounty. Spike takes to the streets in an effort to get to Dr. Londes while Jet and Ed buy a video game that the cult members use to ascend into the digital being.
Hard Luck Woman----Ed places a fake bounty into the system for her own father, in hopes Jet and Spike will lead her to him. They do, and despite a joyous reunion, her absent-minded father immediately abandons her to pursue his work mapping Earth. Ed decides to leave the group, and heads out on her own in search of her father. Ein comes along with her.
The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)----Faye briefly teams up with Julia when she assists her escape from a Red Dragon hit squad, and relays a message to Spike about Julia's whereabouts. Spike and Julia finally reunite. The Bebop is severely damaged by the hit squad that follows Faye back to the ship.
The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)----Vicious claims leadership of the Red Dragon Syndicate, and Julia and Spike are finally reunited. The two plan to run away as before, but Spike still feels the desire for revenge, leading to a final confrontation with Vicious and the Syndicate.