Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown

Shaft (シャフト) is the younger of the two Shaft Brothers. At some point in the past, his older brother bought some psychedelic mushrooms from a mushroom dealer called Domino. After eating one, he laughed himself to death, prompting Shaft to swear revenge.

Following that incident, Shaft went searching for Domino while dragging around a coffin with him to put his corpse in after he killed him. Unfortunately, a truck destroyed the coffin and Domino escaped after their second meeting.

Attempting to chase him later, his plans to capture Domino were again thwarted by Ed and Ein, resulting in him crashing into Coffee's car and the mushroom dealer escaping.

Real Folk Blues TriviaEdit

  • This character is most likely based off the character Shaft from the movie of the same name.

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