Technology in Cowboy Bebop has advanced to the point where civilians own spaceships that travel the Solar System, entire cities are terraformed on planets and moons, and Warp Gates take people at the speed of hyperspace. But while Cowboy Bebop takes place over 60 years in the future (2071), technological advancement is rather inconsistent in comparison to the direction that we have seen since the show's release in 1998: the infrastructure of many neighborhoods is similar to those of modern day cities and towns; fashions are almost identical to those worn now; Jet Black uses a communicator that is bulky and user-unfriendly as opposed to the sleek design of cell phones today; and the Earth seems returned to a more primitive, "Wild West" kind of civilization.

Aeronautics and Space NavigationEdit

Warp GatesEdit

The Warp Gate is the major method of intra-solar travel in Cowboy Bebop. These ring shaped gates make entry into hyperspace possible, which in turn makes travelling vast distances in short periods of time possible. First constructed in 2021, they initially proved dangerous when the explosion of an experimental Gate in 2022 caused major damage to the Earth's moon. This resulted in a considerable percentage of the moon's mass to be destroyed, wreaking devastation upon the civilization of Earth (the surface of which was now barely habitable due to frequent large meteor strikes). As a result, man mostly left the planet and colonized the inner planets of the solar system and also the moons of Jupiter. Technological improvements have since stabilized Warp Gates and they now exist over the entire solar system, reaching from Venus to Pluto. People use the gates similar to how toll highways are used in today's society.


Spacecraft range in size from single seat fighters to massive liners, allowing travel between the planets, moons and other inhabited bodies within the solar system via the Hyperspace gates. Spacecraft used by the ISSP, bounty hunters and criminals may be armed with machine guns, laser cannons or guided missiles.

The BebopEdit

The Bebop is an ex fishing trawler spacecraft acquired by Jet black after leaving the ISSP, and is named due to his appreciation of the jazz and blues genre of music. It became the bases of operations and home of the group of the bounty hunters Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward and Ein, as well as Jet by the year 2071. It is capable of landing on bodies of water, as is suitable for Jets home world of Ganymede, and has a hanger that can harbour three smaller spacecraft, the Swordfish, hammerhead and Red tail.




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