Bebop Exterior Mars
The Bebop approaching Mars.
Technical Information[1]
Dimensions: 142m long / 69.2m wide / 45.6m high
Weight: 1567 tons
Additional Information
Crew size: 3 adults, 1 child, 1 pet
Hyperspace Ability: Yes

The Bebop is a converted interplanetary fishing trawler owned and captained by Jet Black. It is the primary residence and transport for a crew that consists of Jet, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward, and Ein. The ship has traveled throughout the Solar System to places such as Mars, Tijuana, Ganymede, Venus, and Earth.


Originally built to catch and transport fish from the seas of Ganymede, the Bebop was purchased second-hand by Jet, who installed larger engines and upgraded the communication system.[1]



  • Bridge
  • Datafeed Monitors
  • Navigation Console

The Bridge features a helm and a navigational console. The navigational console seems much more modern than the technology we usually see in the Bebop. For example, the console is a big touch screen like a tablet.

Living RoomEdit

Bebop Interior1

This is where the crew watches Big Shot, does research, eats their meals or just hangs out. The furniture consists of a couch, a table and a chair. The fridge here is available to everyone.


Bebop Interior Kitchen

This room is mostly only used by Jet, unless Spike and Faye use it as a smoking zone when sensible guests are on board. The kitchen has its own fridge for cooking ingredients and the like. Jet prepares his famous Bell Peppers and Beef here.

Jet's QuartersEdit

  • Jet's bonsai trees
  • Jet at his desk

Jet cares for his bonsai trees here. It also has a little desk, an intercom, an analogue clock and a little screen. This may lead to the conclusion that these were the captain's quarters when the Bebop was a fishing vessel.

Faye's QuartersEdit

Bebop Interior Faye

Faye has her bed and (later in the series) video equipment to watch Betamax videos here.


Bebop Interior Workstation

We only see Spike servicing his weapons in this room, but it's probable that this room is used by other crew members as well.


This area is connected to the runway of the Bebop and contains the Zipcrafts of the crew.

Storage RoomEdit

Bebop Interior Storage

Except an old fridge Spike brought here, it's not explained what exactly is stored in this room. Maybe it's even cargo that Jet bought with the Bebop since he lost "everything" (except the Bebop) while gambling with Faye, but didn't get anything from this room.


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