"On the night of the red moon, the snake will slither and strike bearing its venomous fangs..."
―Van Member

The Van was the council of elders that ran the Red Dragon crime syndicate until their eventual overthrow and murder by Vicious.


Not much is known about The Van except that they were the highest power in the Red Dragon syndicate. There was a coup attempt by Vicious and the New Guard who wanted to overthrow the Old Guard and the elders. The Old Guard won and the elders ordered Vicious to be imprisoned in The Chamber to be executed at a later date, claiming he had to learn humility and his pride had to be broken first. Everyone connected to him was to be annihilated as well; this included Julia, Spike and Annie.

Soon after, the New Guard assisted Vicious in escaping and The Van were excecuted by Vicious instead, who stated that the syndicate didn't need "corpses who can't fight" as leaders. Vicious then claimed absolute power over the Red Dragon for himself. 


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