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13 Titan

5,150 km


1.352 m/s2

Primary terrain

Water ice and rock, sand dunes after terraforming

Surface water

Ice formations


Titan, a moon of Saturn, is largely depicted as a desert satellite first appearing in the season finale of series one: episode 13, Jupiter Jazz Part 2 during which it is described as the setting of an armed military conflict.

War on Titan:Edit

The War on Titan is not defined in origin or participants though both times that it is axiomatic to the plot of a session the characters involved has been the victims of medical experimentation: Gren, in Jupiter Jazz Part II, describes being imprisoned on charges of espionage and treason shortly after his return from Titan. He goes on to describe his deteriorating mental state as the reason that he was given an experimental antipsychotic that resulted in a hormonal imbalance causing Gynecomastia.

In Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Vincent Volaju served in the conflict on Titan until being placed into Dr. Mendolo al-Hedia's nanomachine research program. The resulting experimentation caused Vincent to lose his memory as well as hallucinate massive swarms of butterflies that appeared to be made of light. The combination of memory loss and hallucination caused a psychotic break when Vincent became unable to differentiate reality from hallucination and dreaming.

Characters Serving in the War:Edit

Vicious: Though his rank and side in the conflict are unknown Gren describes him as a great soldier

Gren: Rank and affiliation unknown – imprisoned for espionage

Vincent Volaju: Mars Army, Special Forces. Drafted in 2060, joined Special Forces in 2062. Reached the rank of First Sergeant before being declared legally dead in the War on Titan II in 2068.

Elektra Ovirowa: Mars Army, Special Forces. Rank is unknown though she is described as having a close romantic relationship to Vincent following his placement into Mendelo’s program. After serving in the military Ovirowa found work as a private security contractor for Curious Medical, the corporation that funded Mendelo Al-Hedia’s research.


Titan seems to exist in the series as a symbol of corruption, particularly military and government. It is depicted both in the series and the movie as being monochromatic and barren desert-scape; the lack of definition in the conflict as well as Titan’s apparent lack of resources leads us to question what it is that the war is being fought over in the first place.

Volaju describes Titan in Knocking on Heaven’s Door saying “There were no enemies there, just soldiers killed to test nanomachines…”

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