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    Spike Spiegel's Past

    July 8, 2014 by ErzaS88

    While browsing a different site, a user asked us to discuss our own theories about Spike Spiegel  and his past. I thought it was a very interesting question, and I was wondering what everyone else thinks! What was Spike's life like prior to the events in Cowboy Bebop? DId he have a family? Was he alone? What do you guys think? 

    This is what I think (and remember, this is just my opinion, not to be taken as a fact or canon!). Here goes: I think that Spike's father was probably connected to the syndicate in some way or another. Then, something happened and both of his parents were killed (possibly by a rival syndicate... maybe a trade gone wrong or something) and Spike was taken in by Mao Yenrai  (who was probably a friend of Spike's dad) and was …

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