I got to everything from my last work schedule but Black Dog Serenade. Those big session articles take more time than I always expect, so I'll take that slow.

An easier thing for me to do is write non-fiction because the material is already there in other articles for me to reference and capture into a biography. So I'm going to start with the musicians because we have a lot of them.

I have started with Mai Yamane. If you want to make a page for a musician, follow that template. Look for their wikipedia article first and expand on it with interviews and pictures taken from cyberspace.

We should make a different Infobox template for the design artists, writers, producers, and executives. I'll see what I can find for that and make 1 article to be the model.

But I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks starting soonish, so not much work will actually be done this month.

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