Whitney Haggis Matsumoto
Haggis reviewing with Faye
Personal Records
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown

Voice actor:

Steve Kramer (English)

Whitney Haggis Matsumoto was a conman who claimed to be Faye Valentine's attorney, after pretending to take an interest in her he faked his own death and left his "assets" to Faye Valentine, thinking he really cared about her she accepted, only to find out Matsumoto was over 35 million in debt.

Jet eventually captured him in order to pay for food with his bounty, after leaving him and Faye alone, Faye betrayed Spike and Jet to protect him, though she eventually had enough of his lies and left her "old boyfriend" in ISSP holding and collected his small bounty.

He is visually inspired by George Clooney

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