Wo Qui Non Coin is a song from Cowboy Bebop, and composed by Yoko Kanno, with lyrics provided by Gabriela Robin. It is sung by Aoi Tada, the voice of Edward.

Lyrics Edit

My puppy Is gone He has white feet and a white tail We were together all the time

My puppy Is gone He has white ears and a white back Even though we were always together

My tears have dried up Everyday I hope Hurry Come back

Even rainy days and windy days I'll walk you everyday So hurry, hurry and come back

I am aware of his words Yes, it is more blue It is after that it is not done The following day (If) you love, you love home

Trivia Edit

  • This song is one of the very few songs sung in Japanese, while a majority of the other songs were sung in English.
  • A short and sad version is also included on the Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set.